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Walter 34-A 160 Zip Wheel Cutter

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ZIP WHEEL CUTTER The most powerful cutting tool on the market The ZIP WHEEL CUTTER delivers the highest performance in a cordless cutting tool and is the only tool on the market able to power a 6” cutting wheel. It is paired with an 18V/ 5.2 Ah bat­tery pack, the most powerful on the market. It is also the only one with a Ventilated Charging System, allowing you to charge faster and reduce downtime. This cordless cutter features the DYNAMAX electronic RPM control which protects the unit from overloading and overheating. It also contains a 270° rotating bat­tery pack so you can adjust the battery for greater comfort while working and offers easy access to the internal carbon brushes. This cordless cutter features electronic single cell protection, which prevents the cutter from short-circuiting and emptying the battery prematurely. Its special design prevents misalignment and vibration, allowing for more precise cutting and greater safe­ty. This cutter is available in two versions, a 4.5”/5” version and a 6” version.



  1. 1 ZIP WHEEL CUTTER (34-A 150 for 045 kit and 050 kit / 34-A 160 for 060 kit) with standard equipment plus carrying case (34-B 013)
  2. 2 battery packs 5.2Ah (34-B 001)
  3. 1 ventilated charging station (34-B 002)
  4. 1 closed guard adaptor (34-B 011 for 045 and 050 /34-B 012 for 060)
  5. 5 ZIP One (11-T 642 for 045 kit, 11-T 652 for 050 kit, 11-T 662 for 060 kit)

POWER TOOLS Cordless Cutter

A 270˚ rotating rear housing

Allows you to position the battery for added comfort and convenience.

B Lightweight

Even with the most powerful motor inside, it’s still the lightest tool in its category.

C DYNAMAXelectronics

Ensure that spindle speeds remain constant even under load for maximum productivity.

D LED indicator on the tool

When lit, it indicates the overload is engaged. When blinking during battery change, it indicates the trigger is in the “ON” position, but will not automatically start for added safety.

E Electronic clutch

Safety feature that prevents the wheel from spinning in the event of a jam.

F Detachable dust filter

Protects the tool from dust and other particles. Easy to detach and clean to keep your tool working at maximum efficiency.

G Electronic single cell protection on battery

Prevents the battery from overloading / overheating. Prevents shortage or other battery issues that may arise.

H LED indicators on battery

Clearly indicates the amount of battery power left in increments of 25%.

I Beveled gears Increase the life of the cordless cutter. More durable when under load than conventional straight gears. Reduces noise as gears are perfectly seated together.

J Front retaining plate

Prevents misalignment under heavy load and ensures all pieces are kept firmly in place for increased life.

K Rear bushing Absorbs initial impact and reduces vibration while cutting. Provides added stability and comfort during operation.

L Spindle lock button The spindle lock is operated with one hand leaving the other hand free for mounting abrasives and tightening the clamping nut with a single wrench.

M Power switch Safely positioned for cutting operation.

Disc Spindle Weight Model Order No. dia. RPM thread Voltage with battery

050 34-A 150 4.5” / 5” 8,000 58”–11 18 V 5.25 lbs

060 34-A 160 6” 8,000 58”–11 18 V 5.25 lbs

045 KIT 34-A 949 4.5” 8,000 58”–11 18 V

050 KIT 34-A 950 5” 8,000 58”–11 18 V

060 KIT 34-A 951 6” 8,000 58”–11 18 V

STANDARD EQUIPMENT 050/060: 1 wheel guard (050 = 48-M 519 / 060 = 48-M 520), 1 Anti-vibration handle (32-B 027), 1 flange (30-B 057), nut (30-B 037).

OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: 4 1/2” guard (48-M 518)

Contact us for pricing for accessories to include grinding and cut off wheels (757-905-3158)