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SW-3 Truck Grade Degreasing Solution

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SW-3 OzzyJuice® Truck Grade Degreasing Solution

Announcement: SW-3 OzzyJuice has been approved by the United States Airforce for use on ground equipment as stated in tech manual # 35D3-2-26-1

SW-3 OzzyJuice is a pH neutral mixture of emulsifiers and surfactants containing no solvents. It is blended in liquid form to produce a biodegradable, non toxic, non caustic, non flammable, and non hazardous oil dispersant and degreaser. The SW-3 formula contains no OSHA or DOT regulated chemicals, no known carcinogens, no ingredients requiring SARA Title III reporting, no RCRA hazardous waste chemicals and no items on the CERCLA hazardous substances list.

SW-3 OzzyJuice® is designed for difficult cleaning applications in the SmartWasher®, the world’s best selling bioremediating parts washing system.

NSN  6850-01-470-8827

Cleaning Efficiency
Crude Oil
Hydraulic Transmission Fluid
Motor Oil
Solder & Flux
Bearing Grease
Automotive Grease
Resin Products
Fifth Wheel Grease
Impacted Grease
Animal Fat
Automotive Varnish
Burned-On Carbon
Cutting Oils

Powerful Parts Washer Degreasing Solutions

OzzyJuice parts washer degreasing solution combined with the SmartWasher and the OzzyMat utilizes the process of bioremediation to clean parts. Bioremediation is the process by which microbes turn harmful materials into non toxic substances…nature’s own way of cleaning the environment.

OzzyJuice is non caustic, non toxic, non flammable, parts washer degreasing solution that works as quickly as a solvent cleaning greasy, dirty parts.  Working hand in hand the OzzyJuice cleans the parts, the Ozzy microbes clean the OzzyJuice.  The result is non hazardous parts washer degreasing solution that is clean, strong, and ready for use time after time.

Since OzzyJuice is non caustic, this parts washer degreasing solution won’t dry, crack, or irritate the skin. OzzyJuice is completely safe for your employees and the environment. Get the results you need safely and successfully from OzzyJuice, our parts washer degreasing solution. Order OzzyJuice today…contact ChemFree to locate a distributor near you.

Parts Washer Degreasing Solution

Solvent parts washing systems generate a multitude of hazardous waste expenses that cost your company money; compliance materials, safety gloves, respirators, insurance coverage for VOC-emitting materials and flash point fluids, workers compensation claims, not to mention hauling hazardous wastes.

OzzyJuice eliminates the generation of liquid hazardous waste. Save money for your company with our parts washer degreasing solution. Want to find out how much money you could be saving? Try out the savings calculator.

Stop using harsh solvents…get powerful results with our parts washer degreasing solution.

Parts Washer Degreasing Solution Designed for our SmartWasher

SW-3 OzzyJuice is specially formulated for difficult cleaning applications in the SmartWasher®, the world’s best selling bioremediating parts washing system.

 Non Polluting

  • Non Toxic
  • Non Corrosive
  • Non Flammable

 Certifications and Approvals: SCAQMD, NSF