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  • Port A Cool PACCYC02

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    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 Evaporative Cooler
    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 Cyclone 2000 Evaporative Cooler offers 2,000 CFMs of cooling power to cool areas up to 500 square feet. The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 evaporative cooler offers powerful cooling technology in a small package.

    Cools Up to 500 square feet
    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 evaporative cooler is ideal for medium-sized spaces. This unit is able to cool up to a 500 square foot area.

    10-Gallon Water Reservoir or Continuous Water Supply Options
    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 Evaporative Cooler has a 10-gallon water tank to provide cooling comfort to outdoor living area. The water adjustment valve ensures that the cooling pads are always properly saturated to give the best cooling results. To enjoy continuous cooling, then connect the unit to a standard garden hose and enjoy endless cool relief.

    Special Features Include: Adjustable louvers, Water adjustment valve, Cord Wrap for tidy storage, and KUUL pad technology

    2,000 CFMs of cooling power
    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 powerfully delivers air with 2,000 CFMs of cooling power. This unit covers up to 500 square feet, this evaporative cooler can cause a 15-20 degree drop in temperature. The adjustable louvers allow you to direct the cooled air exactly where its needed.

    Eco-Friendly Evaporative Cooling Technology
    The Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 evaporative cooler is an affordable alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. Its simple technology makes it relatively maintenance-free. This evaporative cooler also uses the all-natural cooling power of water, so it doesn't have the harsh chemicals of an AC unit.

    High Performance, Rust-Free and Durable
    Constructed from molded polyethylene, this evaporative cooler is rust-proof and leak-proof. Port-A-Cool is a brand that can be trusted and this evaporative cooler will deliver cooling comfort whenever and wherever its needed. This unit has been treated to resist rust and corrosion.

    ***This unit comes in Black and Sienna***

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