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  • PFPACK24BK-R Incident Pack, Contains 24ea PF210 Flares

    $1,530.75 $1,509.00

    When an incident or situation requires traffic control or scene management of any type, this rugged carrying case of twenty four non-rechargeable PowerFlare Safety Lights provides an efficient, cost effective method of quickly, easily, and safely controlling the scene.  This pack is perfect for an incident trailer, command vehicle, disaster kit, DUI trailer, and much more.  Utilizing the tough Pelican Case, this pack comes with twenty-four non-rechargeable PowerFlares and twenty-four spare batteries.  We call it the PowerPack24, you call it whatever fits your need.  Please specify case color (Yellow, Olive-Drab, Black, Orange, Tan).  For configurations with multiple color beacons and added magnets please contact 1-757-905-3158 for a quotation.


    We are proud to sell to government public safety agencies (Federal, State & Local), private organizations and individual consumers.

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