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Eco>Absorb Standard


Eco>AbsorbĀ® Standard

(discounts for 30/ 48/ 96 bag CC Industrial Supply, Inc. directly PH: 757-905-3158)

The original lightweight super absorbent, this formula is ideal for indoor spills and is a lower cost alternative to our Dust Free Formula.

  • 100% All-Natural & Landfill Safe
  • Absorbs up to 15X more than Clay
  • Leaves No Slippery Residue
  • Less than 25% of the Total Cost of Clay
  • Poses no Health Risks!

Eco>Absorb Super Absorbent is far more effective & less expensive than clay absorbents.

The Standard Formula Comes in Five (5) sizes:
  •  2 Liter bag (20 per case)
  •  5 Quart Bottle (6 per case)
  •  0.5 Cubic Foot Bag
  •  1 Cubic Foot Bag
  •  55 Gallon Fiber Drum/ Call us direct for pricing and delivery options - 757-905-3158

Eco Absorb  is Eco Absorb is Non-toxic and 100% landfill safe. 100% safe to use around humans, animals, and safe for the environment.  This is a money saving and time saving product, which cleans up any spill without hurting the environment in any way.

Eco-Absorb is OMRI certified and has undergone and passed a strict, independent evaluation to ensure it complies with USDA organic Standards. Farmers and certifiers can trust that Eco>Absorb is allowed in USDA certified organic operations, and test below the allowed levels of pathogens and heavy metals.  Eco-Absorb is also NSF certified, which is one the most recognized certification marks worldwide in ensuring public health, safety and environmental quality.